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About Kishi Creative

Hey, I'm Adrian!

I am a Costumier, Prop maker, FX Artist - Welcome!

My crafting adventure began back in 2005 (making Halloween costumes from household items) I started small, but gradually worked my way towards bigger, more detailed professional pieces. I am currently UK based, but travel to many places both local and internationally!

I love to work on a variety of projects, ranging from puppet building & props, to costume pieces, each project brings something new and I'm always up for learning a new technique!

Creativity and its artistic application are my driving force in life, my BA degree in 3D computer animation and visual effects gave me a solid foundation in concept design and special effects software. I am also qualified in costume creation and Film / Make Up FX from a course I undertook at Hybrid FX studios, this was one of my favourite experiences! 

I have had the privilege of guesting at various events across the UK, hosting panels and qualifying in competitive Cosplay, if you would like to read more about these, please see the events page!

By visiting my site, I hope you enjoy navigating my creative map!

Below is a small gallery of progress images to give you a behind the scenes taste, for finished pieces, see my portfolio!

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